Notice in a per user crontab there is no 'user' field. Cron is the name of program that enables Raspberry Pi users to execute commands or scripts (groups of commands) automatically at a specified time/date. No check it again. The same is true for any user on the system, including the root user. Changes done, will see tomorrow what log has. I mean, I did almost everything with root user. crontab -l This solution works inside a script too less the > of course :-) Make sure that there is no empty /etc/cron.deny file present.

However it is possible for each user in the system to have their own crontab or cron jobs. Ex: */2 * * * * root /usr/local/auto/ >/dev/null 2>&1 Step 4: Exit This may create a conflict. 一、Linux定时任务crontab-l #查看详情crontab-e #设置定时任务二、Linux提示no crontab for root的解决办法提示:no crontab for root网上也搜出了一大堆的解决办法,但是每一个是我想要的。经过自己研究才发现解决办法很简答! cronはユーザー単位で設定されるので、スーパーユーザーの場合はrootがcronを設定することになりますので注意。設定が初めての場合、または何もない場合は、「no crontab for <ユーザー名>」と言われます。 $ crontab -l SHELL=/bin docker - no crontab for root. Although its reasonably straightforward to set up, if it doesn't work then it can be tricky to work out where the underlying problem is. So touching an empty file /etc/cron.allow can deny all non-root user to use crontab. Actually there is no cron job for I connect to machine with root user. 进入系统后,发现没有crontab.于是就创建一个,步骤如下: 1、登录到root用户。 2、在root下输入:crontab -e 3、可能会提示你: no crontab for root - using an empty one 然后会叫你“Select a editor .....”下面有几个 Beginners Guide to Cron Jobs and Crontab. linux-gkd7:~ # crontab -l no crontab for root linux-gkd7:~ # exit exit pe1800@linux-gkd7:~> Could you perhaps give me some pointers. Joined Oct 3, 2006 Messages 576. No crontab for root. To see a list of your configured cron tasks, use: $ crontab -l no crontab for khess. # m h dom mon dow command * * * * * echo 'foo' An aspect of crontabs that may be confusing is that root also has its own crontab. Sep 25, 2009 #2 why would what show up? If you add this to /etc/crontab, this wouldn't show up in root's personal crontab, as this contains only the user-specific crontab edited with crontab -e, not the system-wide one in /etc. EDITOR=ed export EDITOR crontab -e << EOF > /Myscript/ > d > . The way to make cron jobs run as the root user is to put the job in root's crontab.

Whenever I enter the crontab -e (as root) I get the following message: No crontab for root -using an empty one /tmp/crontab.wPjrsl : Read-only file system The Red Hat Customer Portal delivers the knowledge, expertise, and guidance available through your Red Hat subscription. There is no need to and plenty of reason NOT to do an su to root from within a cron script.

There is no need to restart your crontab as it will pick up your changes automatically when you use following command. Joined Aug 19, 2008 Messages 4,695.

About location: all folders and scripts are at same machine. There is no need to and plenty of reason NOT to do an su to root from within a cron script. I am in the root account/ So first I type as vi crontab -e. Then it ask me type "visual" for normal mode and do that then I type the following as below

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